Planning & Design

John Boon studied landscape architecture at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam. He is currently working at Arcadis. He was chief designer of the acclaimed World Horticulture Floriade in Venlo in 2012. Since 2018, he has been head of landscape architecture and urban design. John has worked on major and complex spatial challenges, both nationally and internationally. As such, he has gained a lot of experience in Asia (including China and Myanmar). John is fascinated by the “Healthy City”, in which sustainability and health complement each other.

John Boon

Did you know that in 70% of the countries land administration is not yet in order? While that is essential to achieve legal certainty, it guarantees which property belongs to whom. Legal certainty also contributes to a good valuation of the land and the development of land use.
Martinus Vranken is Land Advisor at Kadaster International. This department of the Land Registry is active by name in countries that are less developed. Great projects have been set up in Asia, including in Vietnam. Martinus supports with setting up a good cadastral registration and takes you on a journey!

Martinus Vranken

Human Geography

Mr. Peter Portheine is director of the Eindhoven International Project Office (EIPO), guiding and supporting regions and cities around the world on Triple Helix collaboration, Smart Cities and socio-economic development strategies. Mr. Peter Portheine is working closely together with Binh Duong province (Vietnam) on implementing Binh Duong’s new socio-economic development strategy.

Peter Portheine

As Jonge Honden we started to communicate visually for two reasons. 1. We often come to organizations where we need to use complex material quickly. Visualization creates clarity and invites you to engage in the conversation about the topic that you draw. 2. It gives pleasure! Not only for participants but also for yourself it is wonderful to crawl out of the text and let go of your creativity.

Jonge Honden


Tom Wilms is a hydraulic engineer at Witteveen+Bos and moved to Jakarta in Indonesia in 2014. During four years he was involved in the land reclamations in the Jakarta bay, the National Capital Integrated Coastal Development Masterplan and the mangrove restoration project in Central Java Province. The latter received the ‘Vernufteling’ award in 2016. In 2006 he started at Witteveen+Bos after obtaining his M.Sc. in Civil Engineering at the Delft University of Technology. He worked in various countries like Kazakhstan, Russia and Serbia. In the Netherlands he was involved in projects like the Afsluitdijk, Delflandse kust and the Building with Nature program in the lake IJssel.

 Tom Wilms

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